About JW Cannady Surveying


About JW Cannady Surveying

Wes Cannady President of JW Cannady Surveying Inc.
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For over 20-years JW Cannady Surveying, Inc. has specialized in providing professional land surveying services throughout Florida. Based in Jacksonville, our work is concentrated in Northeast Florida area. However, we have many completed projects in south and central Florida and as far away as New Jersey.

With a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise, JW (Wes) Cannady is the founder and the foundation of our company. Our field crews, armed with the all the technological tools, are managed by well trained and experienced crew chief. With his unyielding dedication to the details, Wes has developed many lasting relationships with local developers, large contractors, builders, attorneys and real estate professionals.

JW Cannady Surveying is is focused on providing superior service by combining top-quality surveys with an unwavering dedication to accuracy. Equipped with state of the art equipment we will deliver the most accurate and cost effective surveys.

Our services range from small lot surveys to full subdivision developments, highway and bridge construction and commercial projects. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the near future.

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Over 20-years of Professional Surveying

Considered one of Jacksonville’s Best Surveyors


Our field crews utilize the most advanced – state of the art surveying equipment. Filed teams use next generation of FARO Laser Trackers that scan everything generating 40,000 3D data points per minute. The laser trackers are setup on several points on your property; we typically leave a job with millions of data points, each accurate to a few hundredths of an inch. All this data is collected in a fraction of the time of traditional surveying tools (considered advanced as recently as 2018!) These advanced tools allow us to generate an extremely accurate survey in minimal time; significantly reducing the cost for our clients.


JW Cannady Surveying is a full service Professional Land Surveying Firm. We are focused on providing superior service by combining top-quality surveys with an unwavering dedication to accuracy. Our satisfied clients include real estate developers, attorneys, title companies, lenders, real estate investment trusts, contractors, excavators, real estate brokers, and private individuals.


We specialize in: Subdivision Platting & Monumentation, Highway and Bridge Surveys, Mean High Water Surveys, Construction & Bridge Layout, Construction Staking, Topographic Surveys, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Mortgage Location Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Cell Tower Surveys, GPS Surveys, and FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates. We can provide surveys of anything you need. Our 3d Laser Scanners can get accurate surveys of: Building Interiors & Exteriors, Docks, Topography, Bridges, Caves, Sculptures, Fountains, Trees, etc.